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Smike Wallen, entrepreneur and real estate expert, earned his wealth and built his reputation by successfully flipping properties, designing residential and commercial spaces, and representing buyers and sellers of homes.

During his childhood in Indiana, Smike watched as his divorced, single mom struggled to support two young children while living in public housing.  Early experiences with scarcity and loss during formative years left their mark on Smike.  Yet, with the support of his family and a deep-seated drive to overcome, Smike broke the cycle of poverty to become the first member of his family to attend college.

In 1994, Smike packed up his red Jeep and headed for California to prove that coming from nothing couldn’t stop him from building a better life.  With the help of mentors along the way and his own uncompromising work ethic, Smike began to develop the skills that would allow him to realize his true potential.  

After saving enough money to make a down-payment, Smike picked the most dilapidated house in one of LA's best neighborhoods to be his first home.  He learned how to do all the renovation and design work himself fully reimagining it into a showplace that he sold for profit.  From there, Smike’s flipping business grew steadily.  He had developed the knowledge to move from scarcity to prosperity.  This quick, expansive journey led Smike to an unusual conclusion: that personal success and achievement need not come at the expense of others.  

Within ten years of arriving in Los Angeles, Smike had become a millionaire. Although he had crossed the personal threshold of financial success he had always sought, he still felt as if something was missing. During a month-long trip to Bali, Smike had his “Oprah moment”  to share his “golden-touch” with others. Upon returning to California, Smike set out to form a real estate & design company that would operate differently than any other  one that would place clients first, knowing that with results, compensation would follow.  

Today, the team at SMIKEWALLEN believes in a world of abundance and opportunity.  By leveraging their unrivaled real estate expertise and collective knowledge of all things home, Smike and his diverse team manifest opportunities and deliver results for their clients.

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Joey was born to recent immigrants from El Salvador.  Joey’s birth parents wanted to give Joey a better life than what they felt they could offer, and found a wonderful family who adopted him at birth.  Joey’s mom and dad are from New York.  Joey has an adopted younger brother, who also joined the family at birth. Joey and his brother were raised by two loving parents who instilled the core values of family, loyalty, integrity, dedication and trust.

Joey grew up in Mar Vista, and is a first generation Californian. As he was growing up in LA, he learned his way around quickly, a skill that comes in handy for showing properties to clients.  Joey knows where to find the hidden gems in this dynamic city. As a child when carpooling to school, Joey was fascinated by the houses he would pass, and by the age of 13, developed an interest in earning his living selling houses by becoming a real estate agent.  Joey watched his parents invest in rental properties, as well as buying and reselling homes for a profit. 

In his teens and early adult years Joey began the early stages of a career as an actor for TV shows, films and commercials.  During his middle school and high school years, Joey was a champion swimmer. After earning a high school diploma at age 16, Joey then earned an AA from community college in business marketing and psychology.   His next step was to study for the real estate exam and earn his real estate license as an agent.

Joining Keller Williams Hollywood Hills was just the beginning. Within the first few months of joining KW he interviewed with SMIKEWALLEN. He has proven to be a dedicated hard worker always putting clients’ needs first. There is nothing that makes Joey happier than seeing the smile in clients' eyes when they see a property that they love, and then when we close. 


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Deborah was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, where she is a licensed Certified Public Accountant, and graduated from the University of Detroit. She established a successful career in the entertainment industry, where she spent 33 years with Twentieth Century Fox in Michigan, New York City, and Los Angeles, where she has called home since 1991. In August 2016, she retired from Fox as Vice President of Royalty Reporting, an accounting department for the Home Entertainment division. 

Deborah graduated from the Interior Design program at the Otis School of Art & Design in June 2008, while still working at Fox. Her passion for interior design and architecture began as a teenager, when she aspired to attend Parsons School of Design in New York. Life had other roads that led her away from her passion, but she never gave up her dream. She absolutely believes that it is never too late to pursue your passion – no matter how many twists and turns life may have in store. After meeting Smike in 2001, Deborah watching firsthand as his journey flipping houses developed, and found herself creatively inspired once again.  

While the time was not yet right for her to leave her “day job,” Smike and Deborah became close friends over the years. The two have traveled extensively together, and have established a shorthand that integrates one another’s creative eye.  Smike watched over the years as Deborah established her own design company and began to take on consulting projects, in addition to her full-time job. Aware of her passion and enthusiastic about her talent, Smike extended Deborah an open invitation to join the team at SMIKEWALLEN after retiring from Fox. Today, Deborah is an integral part of the team, bringing her talent and passion for design to the Interior Design and Styling & Staging teams. Deborah is also responsible for 3D modeling, as needed, for more extensive renovation projects. An avid traveler, Deborah takes her creative inspiration from the rich visual traditions of Asian and African cultures, including those of her favorite places – Morocco, Indonesia, China, and Thailand.

Deborah takes pride in her deep connection to South Los Angeles, where she resides.  For 19 years, Deborah served as executive director of Fox‘s volunteer workplace mentoring program at Susan Miller Dorsey High School.  Deborah has also served as Chair of the Board of Directors of Community Coalition of South LA, a non-profit organization that empowers the South Los Angeles community and creates resident leaders, who advocate to strengthen their schools, families, and community by changing public policy.  Deborah has served on the board for 13 years. 

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Growing up in the countryside of Dallas, Texas, Michael-Carlo Garcia spent his formative years cultivating his talents in art, outreach, and architecture. But it was his summers abroad that further developed an international outlook, passion for new cultures, and a keen appreciation for good design.

So much so that even after becoming an award-winning concert pianist and equestrian, Michael still knew his love for home design was his true calling. Michael left his home state to attend the University of Southern California, where he had the opportunity to finally immerse himself into his passion. Concentrating in real estate finance, development, and furniture design, Michael completed his studies and launched his career in real estate at one on New York City’s premier commercial real estate firms.

After a successful run in the Big Apple, Michael decided to return to his adoptive home of Los Angeles. Michael's unique skill-set, authenticity and passion for helping others made him an ideal fit for joining the SMIKEWALLEN team.

In doing so, he's proudly continued to expand his service to clients alongside his involvement with various causes near and dear to his heart including LACMA, The Midnight Mission, and Habitat for Humanity.


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Born and raised in Corbin, Kentucky, Bram Hoover's small town upbringing helped mold him into a hard-working, loyal, and community-focused man. The only thing it didn't offer, however, was an outlet for his dreams. His father, a real estate developer, and mother, an interior designer, clearly shaped Bram’s early interest in all things design related, but eventually the charm and character of small town living wasn’t enough to keep Bram’s lofty ambitions at bay. So, at the age of 18, he ventured out into the world, heading West, with just a suitcase and an ardent determination to achieve his goals.

Three years later, Bram flipped his first home at the age of 21 and has continued with this pursuit for over a decade.

Combining his diligent ongoing research into new products, innovative technology, and new building concepts, with a meticulous eye and creative experience to transform spaces as only a perfectionist can, Bram joined forces SMIKEWALLEN, with where he could further share his knowledge, experience, enthusiasm and vigor with a like-minded team of creative people.

Because, more than anything else, Bram's greatest ability is his innate connection with people from all walks of life. His authentic charm and loyal following allows him to make even a vibrant and diverse city like Los Angeles feel like a cozy, small town.


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Born and raised in sunny Los Angeles, California, Robert now resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This is where he has rooted his passion for all things real estate, interior styling, design & renovations. 

When taking on listings he guides his clients through the process. He helps alleviate as much stress as possible by coordinating any renovation checklists for clients to ready their home for the market. Picking out the right neutrals for paint colors, finishes, hardware, & fixtures for resale. Also coordinating general contractors & subcontractors, guiding clients in the depersonalizing & packing process, & transforming homes through the power of staging to give the best first impression to potential buyers. These efforts result in quicker sales & higher profits. He knows how staging accentuates a home’s best features and downplays its flaws, ensuring it shows well and makes a good first impression. Creating a luxurious vision for prospective buyers. “Staging is Life and makes a house a future dream home!”

Robert is your guide to a stylish home, with his natural talent and a keen sense of color, pattern, texture, scale, and symmetry. He has years of freelance experience, creating 30 compelling interiors for residential clients & transforming their house into their dream home. His idols in life are both Iris Apfel & Jane Goodall, and if they were one person you'd have a person like Robert. Promoting an eco-friendly and sustainable design by educating clients about budget-friendly finds - second hand, vintage, up-cycled and antique furnishings. This also includes sustainably designed and sourced new products which are undertaken in an environmentally conscious way. 

When working with homebuyers, he takes his clients under his wing and treats them as family vs. just another transaction. Educating first time homebuyers all about the potentials a home can bring, because the reality is your first home is very unlikely to be your “forever home”. His main goal working with buyers is prepping them on all of the future potential maintenance issues that can arise while owning a home. And since Toto isn’t in sunny California anymore, there’s a lot more that goes into maintaining a home here in the Bold North! But if you have someone like Robert in your family who knows what to prepare you for, you won’t be left with a pesky ice dam on your roof and water in your coat closet once that ice dam melts throughout the season. “If you look at your first or second home as temporary 5-10 year investment, you’ll be more likely to make profitable changes to that home. So when you are ready for the next chapter of your life, it will make for a smoother transition when the time comes and you’re ready to sell.”

He hopes to be able to fly as the snowbirds fly, and tackle all things homes in the sunny Los Angeles winters. For now watch him spread his wings in the Bold north of Minneapolis, Minnesota!

His mottos are "Think big!" -Iris Apfel & "You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference. And you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make." -Jane Goodall 

T  760 559 8113


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