Smike Wallen, entrepreneur and real estate expert, earned his wealth and built his reputation by successfully flipping properties, designing residential and commercial spaces, and representing buyers and sellers of homes.

During his childhood in Indiana, Smike watched as his divorced, single mom struggled to support two young children while living in public housing.  Early experiences with scarcity and loss during formative years left their mark on Smike.  Yet, with the support of his family and a deep-seated drive to overcome, Smike broke the cycle of poverty to become the first member of his family to attend college.

In 1994, Smike packed up his red Jeep and headed for California to prove that coming from nothing couldn’t stop him from building a better life.  With the help of mentors along the way and his own uncompromising work ethic, Smike began to develop the skills that would allow him to realize his true potential.  

After saving enough money to make a down-payment, Smike picked the most dilapidated house in one of LA's best neighborhoods to be his first home.  He learned how to do all the renovation and design work himself fully reimagining it into a showplace that he sold for profit.  From there, Smike’s flipping business grew steadily.  He had developed the knowledge to move from scarcity to prosperity.  This quick, expansive journey led Smike to an unusual conclusion: that personal success and achievement need not come at the expense of others.  

Within ten years of arriving in Los Angeles, Smike had become a millionaire.  Although he had crossed the personal threshold of financial success he had always sought, he still felt as if something was missing. During a month-long trip to Bali, Smike had his “Oprah moment”  to share his “golden-touch” with others.  Upon returning to California, Smike set out to form a real estate & design company that would operate differently than any other  one that would place clients first, knowing that with results, compensation would follow.  

Today, the team at SMIKEWALLEN believes in a world of abundance and opportunity.  By leveraging their unrivaled real estate expertise and collective knowledge of all things home, Smike and his diverse team manifest opportunities and deliver results for their clients.