A member of the Smike Wallen team will visit your home for an hour and a half room by room assessment of what needs to be done to properly prepare your home PRIOR to listing it for sale.  We offer our signature advice, based upon our nearly 20 successful years of flipping homes for profit, that you can utilize to effectively correct problem areas like deferred maintenance, clutter and flow challenges, color choices that may alienate buyers, design and furniture problems, dated fixtures, and curb appeal.  We give you a full review and correction plan that allows you to present your home at its best in order to garner a top dollar sale.  In addition to the specific suggestions tailored to your home during our visit, we also leave you with our signature report, Home Prep Protocols, a document that adds further tips and suggestions to follow before selling.



This full 8-hour day advanced consultation involves us actually taking action at your home after we provide you our recommendations for corrective actions needed prior to listing your home for sale.  For those sellers who are too busy to personally implement our recommendations, we will manage and facilitate the remediation of all things we recommend that will increase your chances of higher offers and a quicker sale.  We also re-work your existing furniture and personal effects to properly present your home in its best possible light.  In some cases, we further facilitate things like de-cluttering, organizing, painting, editing of existing items in the home, off-site storage of unneeded items, and proper flow for open houses.  This consultation and action package does not include the addition of any purchased items (this can be done for additional fees*) that we might recommend. 

Starting at $5,000.00


Looking to make improvements to your home or condo?  Don’t call a contractor without design experience, or worse, a designer without the proper real estate knowledge of what types of renovations and design choices improve value to your largest asset.  Instead, call the team with the knowledge, background, and eye to help you understand the costs, time expectations, and potential return on your design and renovation investments.  We spend an hour and a half at your home during which you get the opportunity to pick our brains about the practicality/costs of your ideas.  We base our recommendations on our vast experience of turning ugly homes into show-stoppers that not only delivered on aesthetics and function but also sold for huge profits.  We synergize with your ideas to come up with realistic, cost effective ways to achieve your goals/dreams.  We provide a post visit design/renovation report so that you can use it with the contractor of your choice or DIY.



Interested in learning the secrets and strategies Smike used to turn his life-savings of under $30k into well over a million dollars in under 10 years?  Gather a group of up to 5 friends for a 3-hour dinner seminar where Smike and members of his team walk you step by step through the rules and strategies they employ with their clients to turn unwanted houses into show-stopping dream homes.  The program includes dinner, wine/beer, and dessert for you and your friends/colleagues as well as seminar materials/note binders provided by Smike Wallen.  The program includes adequate Q & A time for participants to ask questions and seek clarification on information shared during the dinner seminar.  If desired, we also invite a real estate attorney for the last hour of the Q&A session who is able to offer legal real estate advice.  If you are interested in joining together as a potential investing group, or have other specific questions, they can be addressed.  


*If your group is larger than 5 – $500 per person will be charged up to a maximum of 10 attendees.  We keep these small to ensure each person gets their needs and questions addressed.


Dealing with an empty property that you need to sell?  We can help you stage an empty space completely (or select rooms only).  We mix vintage pieces with new, modern furnishings to create a comfortable, lived-in look with layers of eclectic & timeless pieces which combine to add authenticity, history and drama to your property.  This approach, unlike the industry standard of cold, modern furnishings transports potential buyers into an imaginary head-space where they feel something, recall memories, and get caught up emotionally in your property.  Expect more than the flat, lifeless and overly modern staging which has become cookie-cutter commonplace in Los Angeles.  For us, your home or condo is not a paint-by-numbers box where we pull from 3 warehouse “options” and insert the stuff into your home.  We develop a room-by-room plan, take advantage of any high drama areas of your home (inside & out), and layer our project-by-project, hand selected pieces for full dramatic effect. 

 Starting at $7,500*

*for a 1,000 sq ft (or under) condo.